Play 4 Autism – Putting the “Kidz Into Action”


“Making a difference one square foot at a time”

In keeping with the Tiles Unlimited mission, we are proud of our partnership with Play4Autism, a local organization dedicated to helping children with Autism. We wanted to share the amazing work being done by Greg Vasicek on behalf of the charity he founded in 2011. We urge you to support Play4Autism. Read on for how you can support this worthwhile cause either financially or in other ways.

Their Mission…

…is to increase the public’s awareness and acceptance of Autism, while improving the quality of life and hope for children. They achieve this goal by introducing children on the Autism Spectrum and their families to their “Kidz into Action” Program.

The “Kidz into Action” program helps to improve their self-esteem & social interaction, increase their communication and leadership skills plus teach them how to sustain regular lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. They also believe that by teaching the basics of team play, they will learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and community in a fun and safe atmosphere at no cost to their families or minimal costs for Martial Arts and Fitness Clubs.


“Kidz into Action” at Glendale, NY playground

About Autism

Autism is known as a complex developmental disability. Experts believe that Autism presents itself during the first three years of a person’s life. The condition is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person’s communication and social interaction skills. People with autism have issues with non-verbal communication, a wide range of social interactions, and activities that include an element of play and/or banter.


You Can Help

There are many way you can help Play4Autism. Of course, you can make a donation here but there are many other ways you can help. Check their calendar and go root the kids on at a local activity or play in their Annual Golf Tournament. Check out Play4Autism on social media. Follow and like their posts and help spread the word of all the good work they do. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Play4Autism also has a store where you can purchase shirts and other cool Play4Autism swag. Lastly, take a look at all the local Queens businesses on their website that support Play4Autism and support these businesses.

If you’d like to contact Play4Autism directly, you can do so here.







George to the Rescue – Behind the Scenes




Click the picture to view more behind the scenes photos and videos


Queens-based Tiles Unlimited is making a difference again. They just wrapped up their sixth appearance on the popular NBC TV show, George to the Rescue. The home improvement show stars host George Oliphant, along with a team of designers and contractors, who rescue the homes of families in need. “Making a difference one square foot at a time” is the mission statement of Tiles Unlimited and their partnership with George to the Rescue is one way in which they live up to their mission.

View all our behind the scenes pictures and photos here. 

“This was the first time I was able to attend a reveal and it was such a heartwarming and lovely experience” said Tiles Unlimited President Joseph L. Pipitone. “You can’t help but tear up when you see all the people involved in the rescue, plus family and friends, come to cheer the family on. We plan on partnering with George to the Rescue as long as they’ll have us and I plan on attending all the future reveals we are involved in.”



The reveal is when the family being rescued gets to see their home renovations for the first time. All the people involved in the rescue, as well as family and friends gather outside to cheer the family on as they emerge from their home to thank all those who were involved in the rescue. From there, everyone is invited inside to see all the changes done by George and his team.


This rescue, airing on Saturday October 28th, features the Demmers family of Nassau County, NY. The episode centers on their son, Ethan, who faces significant mobility challenges from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His parents, both teachers, have become inspiring advocates for him and others in their Nassau County community. Despite the challenges they face on a constant basis due to this degenerative disease, the family is truly some of the most positive and warm people we’ve ever met.



The episode will showcase the transformation of the family’s first floor into an open floor plan with accessibility for Ethan being the primary focus. Ethan’s first floor bedroom and bathroom will also be renovated. Suffice it to say, the renovations are beautiful and solved their accessibility issue. We can’t share much more until the show airs but we can tell you that Ethan has an amazing bedroom and bathroom now. Tyler Wisler’s bathroom design is spectacular.


Some very special thanks go out to Donato’s Construction, Tile & Marble. Not only did they do an amazing job on a very difficult bathroom tile installation, they were called in the night before the reveal to complete the kitchen backsplash in time for filming the next morning. FYI, Donato’s team passed on the annual Tiles Unlimited Brews & BBQ Bash to make sure the project was completed on time.



This episode marked the first time that the George to the Rescue crew came to the Tiles Unlimited showroom. All previous episodes were filmed on location. Host George Oliphant and designer Tyler Wisler came to the showroom to select tile for the kitchen backsplash and bathroom. “It was a lot of fun having George, Tyler and the crew here to film scenes and select tile. It gave us more insight into how each episode takes shape” said Pipitone.


Grab your box of tissues and watch this uplifting episode on Saturday morning October 28th on WNBC channel 4 at 9:30. It will be a great way to start your day. Until then, enjoy the Tiles Unlimited picture and movie gallery with a behind the scenes look at filming in the showroom.


George to the Rescue #6…We Can’t Wait




Tiles Unlimited has been invited to participate in their 6th ‘George to the Rescue’ project and we couldn’t say YES fast enough. ‘George to the Rescue’ is an NBC home improvement television show that helps families in need. Host George Oliphant and his team assemble a group of designers, contractors and organizations willing to donate building materials to ‘rescue’ deserving families.

This episode is about a 7 year old boy facing mobility challenges in his home and the ‘George to the Rescue’ team’s efforts to alleviate them. That’s as much as we can share at this time. We can’t wait until we’re able to share more details with you.

Click here, here, here and here to read about our other appearances on ‘George to the Rescue’.

Click here, here and here to view photo albums of our other appearances on ‘George to the Rescue’.



Tile Unlimited’s Nigel giving George a lift.

Know a deserving family that would benefit from a rescue?
Click here to submit your request. 

Tiles Unlimited a Dual Nominee in the 2018 Best of the Boro Competition


Dual Nominations
We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that Tiles Unlimited has been nominated again as Best Tile Store in the 2018 Best of the Boro Competition. We have also been nominated as Best Kitchen & Bath Store. Thank you so much to our loyal clients who make this happen. You guys rock!

If we are privileged enough to win, it will be our third win as Best Tile Store and second as Best Kitchen & Bath Store.


Click here to vote for Tiles Unlimited

Scroll down to Tile Store and then click on Tiles Unlimited
Scroll down to Kitchen and Bath and click on Tiles Unlimited


Can We Count on Your Support?
Competitions like these give us more exposure and help us to fulfill our mission of Making a difference one square foot at a time and help those in need. We are proud of the “giving back” initiatives this helps us to accomplish such as our partnership with ‘George to the Rescue’, our efforts on behalf of Queens Centers for Progress, Toys for Tots, Red Nose Day and Play4Autism. Read more about these efforts by clicking here. You may vote once per day, per category through August 18th.

Thank You!
On behalf of the Tiles Unlimited team, we thank you for your support. Let’s win this thing!


Red Nose Day 2017…Coming Together to End Child Poverty, One Red Nose at a Time

Furthering our mission of “Making a difference one square red nose foot at a time”, Tiles Unlimited is proud to participate in Red Nose Day 2017 to raise awareness and money to help kids at home and around the world. Red Nose Day is a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised over $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

Red Nose Day 2016 was the first time we participated in this worthy cause. It’s become our favorite “giving back” activity of the year. Check out our photo album from last year. Last year we helped raised just under $1,000 and we’ve set a goal of $2,000 for 2017. Can we count on your help?



Four Ways You Can Help

Donate – Visit the Tiles Unlimited Red Nose Day FUN-Raising site and donate. Just one dollar will buy a meal for a child living in a homeless shelter. Five dollars will pay for a visit to a mobile clinic. Twenty-five dollars will provide an eye exam and glasses for a child in need.

Facebook – Like the Tiles Unlimited Facebook page and share one of our #TilesRedNoseDay posts with your followers. When you do, Tiles Unlimited will donate $0.50 to a maximum of $500.

Instagram – Follow Tiles Unlimited on Instagram and favorite one of their #TilesRedNoseDay posts. When you do, Tiles Unlimited will donate $0.50 to a maximum of $500.

Twitter – Follow Tiles Unlimited on Twitter and retweet on of their #TilesRedNoseDay posts. When you do, Tiles Unlimited will donate $0.50 to a maximum of $500.


What is Red Nose Day?
Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) American public charity. Funds raised by Red Nose Day in America go to the Red Nose Day Fund and last year benefited children in all 50 states and 15 countries internationally through programs to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated. Comic Relief Inc. in the US and Comic Relief UK are independent sister organizations that are joined by their shared vision of a just world, free from poverty and the mission to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.


Tiles Unlimited to Appear on George to the Rescue TV Show

“OK, Mr. Oliphant, We’re Ready For Our Close-Up”
Furthering our mission of “Making a difference one square foot at a time.”, we are pleased to announce that Tiles Unlimited will be making its 5th appearance on George to the Rescue. The NBC TV series centers on George Oliphant, a contractor who has been working with a team of workers and volunteers to renovate the homes of deserving families in the tristate area for the last six years.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

On Saturday 3/25, you’ll meet the Ledermans, a family whose life was flipped upside down when husband and father Darren passed away last March after a long battle with leukemia. George and his army of volunteers transformed this home to meet the needs of the family. A new master suite was built with a modern bathroom, for which we supplied tile and installation materials.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Since our founding in 2004, Tiles Unlimited has been dedicated to helping others and the community. We are proud to support local causes in the Queens community. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Tiles Unlimited donated approximately 30,000 square feet of tile to 200 families whose homes were affected by the storm. Tiles Unlimited is also active in nonprofit charities such as Toys For Tots and Red Nose Day (coming in May!).

We hope you’ll tune in to see this heartwarming episode. You’re going to love the kids, Emma and Noah! You can watch on WNBC-TV channel 4. The show airs on Saturday 3/25 at 9:30am and 7:00pm.

Check out photos from our earlier appearances here and here.

Are you, or someone you know in need of a rescue? Click here to share your story with the George to the Rescue team.

Help Us “Make a Difference One Square Foot at a Time”

We have been given another opportunity to give back to our community and to allow us to fulfill our mission statement of “Making a Difference One Square Foot at a Time” again.

Tiles Unlimited is competing to win one of ten FedEx Small Business Grants and has pledged to donate 40% of any grant to better Queens communities. We are asking for your help and to vote for us in the contest.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

For more than a decade, Tiles Unlimited has made giving back to our community a bedrock of our business. From donating 30,000 square feet of tile to 200 homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy to our partnership with ‘George to the Rescue’ to raising money for kids in need for Red Nose Day, we try and give back as much as possible. We’d like to do more and we’re asking for your help.

Read more about our giving back activities by clicking here.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

That’s where you come in. We’re asking for your support for Tiles Unlimited in the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition. Your vote will help Tiles Unlimited to expand these’ giving back’ initiatives.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

We would really appreciate your vote for Tiles Unlimited in the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition. It takes only a few seconds to vote and you can vote once per day through April 5th.

If we are privileged to win one of these grants, we pledge to use the funds as follows:

• 40 % to better our Queens community
• 20% for employee initiatives
• 20% for marketing
• 20% for showroom improvements

Win or lose, we thank you so much for your support!

Making a difference one square foot at a time

That’s the Tiles Unlimited mission and we try to live it each and every day. Throughout the year, we participate in as many charitable endeavors as we can such as our partnerships with George to the Rescue TV show, Red Nose Day and our favorite one of the year, Toys for Tots

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Share Joy…Give A Toy

Each year, millions of kids wake up on Christmas and have no gifts to open. Please make a spot on your Christmas list for a child in need. 2015 was our first year as a participant in this worthy cause. We collected just under 200 toys and our goal for 2016 is 300 toys. Can we count on your help?

Toys should be new and unwrapped and dropped off by December 6th.
Why so early? The amazing people at Toys For Tots need time to collect, sort and distribute the tens of thousands of toys they receive to ensure kids have toys under their trees.

Help us spread the word so that we can help as many kids as possible. Thank you so much for your support!

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY