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Saturday 2/17 – Saturday 2/24*




* Take 30% off all in-stock, regularly priced porcelain, ceramic and glass tile. May not be combined with any other offer or used for prior purchases. Versace Marble collection excluded. Offer valid Saturday 2/17-Saturday 2/24.


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*February specials are not eligible for 30% off.

*February specials are not eligible for 30% off.



Myth Busting…Wood-Look Tiles




We’ve written extensively on the popularity of porcelain wood-look tile. Tiles Unlimited is all-in on the wood-look trend with over 25 collections on display and 6 new collections scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks.

Are you dragging your feet in the wood-look tile revolution? Are you the quiet one when your friends talk about their next wood-tile project? Let’s lay those fears to rest. Here are five things you’re worried about that you shouldn’t be.


View over 40 wood-look tile collection room scene photos here


Myth 1: Grout Joints Make Wood-Grain Tile Look Unauthentic
Look for wood-look tiles that have rectified edges. That means that the edges of each individual tile have been finished so that they are precise and straight. That means that you can put the tiles closer together with a minimal grout joint—as little as 3/16 of an inch. That’s close enough together that you can barely tell a natural wood floor from a wood-look tile floor.


Myth 2: Wood-Look Tile Floors Are Cold
Tile flooring does maintain a moderate temperature, much like real hardwood, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cold. Wood-look porcelain tile is very well suited to radiant subfloor heating. There are several types of subfloor heating and tile can be placed directly on top of it for a warm and inviting floor. Of course, a well-placed carpet runner can eliminate cold floors no matter what material they are.



Myth 3: Wood-Look Tile Looks Fake
The journey of wood-look tile has been rapid and the quality improves with each new product. Digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing have introduced realistic textures and visuals that you sometimes can’t tell apart from wood without taking a closer look. Tile visuals don’t simply repeat the same grains and knots over and over again. Several images are used to create tiles with lots of diversity for an authentic looking floor. In fact, the designs have gotten so realistic, even our tile experts can’t tell the difference.


Myth 4: Long Wood-Look Tile Planks Warp
Any tile over 15 inches can present a challenge with lippage (variation in the height of adjoining tiles) and warping. However, if the tile is installed correctly, it shouldn’t be a problem. Wood-look planks are available in sizes ranging from 24–71 inches long and 6–12 inches wide. Tiles should be staggered in a brick-joint pattern with no more than 33% overlap. A well-prepared subfloor and skilled installation can also help with warping and lippage. Tiles Unlimited is happy to recommend reliable, licensed and insured tile installers.



Now that we’ve debunked the many myths about wood-look tile, we hope you’ll consider it for your next tile project. With so many choices, sizes, colors and textures, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your project.

February Specials



February Specials may not be combined with any other offer.


Dress Up Your Walls

Take 30% off our best-selling wall tile, Acquerelli. Their large-format size (8×20) means fewer grout joints and a cleaner look than standard sized tiles. Choose from 4 colors, Avorio, Azzuro, Bianco & Grigio.


Bathroom Fixtures Floor Model Sale…Savings Up to 80% off
Click here for details



Wood-Look Tile 34-46% Off

Less than 2 bucks per square foot gets you our 6×23 Idaho Honey or Katmandu Gris wood-look tiles. These Spanish porcelain floor tiles have a textured finish.

At 46% off, our Soleras Beige is a steal. Choose from 2 sizes (5½x32, 8×32) from this Italian porcelain collection.


Rare Opportunity

Our Unika Game Grey is a stunning 24×24 decorative tile. Pictures don’t do this tile justice. While supplies last, you can steal this for only $5.49 sf, that’s 45% off its regular price.


Vanity of the Month

Smile is our Vanity of the Month. That means you can take 35% off! Smile features floor or wall mount options, soft closing drawers and integrated acrylic countertop/sink. Choose from 3 colors and 3 sizes.





Smile – Vanity of the Month




Smile…Sleek and Modern Vanity

Smile is our Vanity of the Month. That means you can take a whopping 35% off* its price, making this sleek, modern vanity an even better value.


*Offer expires 2-28-18. Faucet not included with vanity.


Loaded With Standard Features

Smile bathroom vanities are loaded with standard features including a choice of wall mount or freestanding models, integrated white acrylic sink and countertop (48″ models feature dual sinks), soft closing drawers and pre-drilled faucet hole. The vanities come assembled and ready to install. Choose from 3 sizes (24″, 36″, 48″) and 3 colors (Chestnut, Rosewood, White Oak).




Bertch Vanity Floor Model Sale



One of each model available while supplies last.

Tiles Unlimited Voted Best Tile Store in Queens





Best of the Boro Competition

Best of the Boro is the widely popular Reader’s Choice Awards for Queens-based, best in class businesses run by the Queens Courier newspaper and its companion website, QNS.com. The Best of the Boro competition allows the public to nominate and then vote for the best businesses in Queens in a wide range of categories. The competition has grown to be a coveted award for Queens’ best businesses.




Voted Best Tile Store
Voted Best Kitchen & Bath Store

We are thrilled to announce that Tiles Unlimited was the top vote getter in two categories in the 2018 Best of the Boro competition, Best Tile Store and Best Kitchen & Bath Store. While we campaigned, and promoted our Best Tile Store nomination, our win for Best Kitchen & Bath came as a bit of a surprise since we did not promote it. We are overwhelmed by the support.



Our Customers Rock!

“Thank you so much for your support” said Tiles Unlimited President Joseph L. Pipitone. “Our team works very hard at providing an extraordinary shopping experience and living our mission of Making a difference one square foot at a time. I think our initiatives to give back to the community such as our partnership with the NBC TV show George to the Rescue, being a Toys For Tots drop-off location and participation in philanthropic efforts such as Red Nose Day provide us a greater opportunity to earn the votes of Queens and Long Island residents.”


Play 4 Autism – Putting the “Kidz Into Action”





“Making a difference one square foot at a time”

In keeping with the Tiles Unlimited mission, we are proud of our partnership with Play4Autism, a local organization dedicated to helping children with Autism. We wanted to share the amazing work being done by Greg Vasicek on behalf of the charity he founded in 2011. We urge you to support Play4Autism. Read on for how you can support this worthwhile cause either financially or in other ways.

Their Mission…

…is to increase the public’s awareness and acceptance of Autism, while improving the quality of life and hope for children. They achieve this goal by introducing children on the Autism Spectrum and their families to their “Kidz into Action” Program.

The “Kidz into Action” program helps to improve their self-esteem & social interaction, increase their communication and leadership skills plus teach them how to sustain regular lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. They also believe that by teaching the basics of team play, they will learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and community in a fun and safe atmosphere at no cost to their families or minimal costs for Martial Arts and Fitness Clubs.


“Kidz into Action” at Glendale, NY playground

About Autism

Autism is known as a complex developmental disability. Experts believe that Autism presents itself during the first three years of a person’s life. The condition is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person’s communication and social interaction skills. People with autism have issues with non-verbal communication, a wide range of social interactions, and activities that include an element of play and/or banter.


You Can Help

There are many way you can help Play4Autism. Of course, you can make a donation here but there are many other ways you can help. Check their calendar and go root the kids on at a local activity or play in their Annual Golf Tournament. Check out Play4Autism on social media. Follow and like their posts and help spread the word of all the good work they do. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Play4Autism also has a store where you can purchase shirts and other cool Play4Autism swag. Lastly, take a look at all the local Queens businesses on their website that support Play4Autism and support these businesses.

If you’d like to contact Play4Autism directly, you can do so here.







Bathroom Fixtures Floor Model Sale




Bertch Interlude Vanities

Super rare opportunity to save more than 70% on luxury bathroom vanities from Bertch. Both are in like-new condition, made of solid wood and measure 24″ x 21″ x 31″. Oak Wood model sold at $1,435. Now only $398. Birch Wood model sold at $790. Now only $198. Countertops, sinks and faucets not included. One of each model available.



LED Lighted Medicine Cabinet

Save 60% on this beautiful Eviva 20″ LED Lighted Medicine Cabinet packed with features such as electrical power, LED lighting inside and outside and touch motion switches. Only 1 available.



Robern Wall Mount Vanities

Tremendous savings on select Robern wall-mount vanities. (Only 2 left). See pictures for specs and prices.






All floor models above in like-new condition. All floor model sales are final sales, no refunds or exchanges.

BARGAINS…Secret Savings on Tile




Scroll down to see some past BARGAINS


Savvy Queens shoppers know where to find the best deals, sales and secret savings. Today, we’re blowing the lid off the secret savings you can get at Tiles Unlimited…odd lots or BARGAINS. Read on to find out how you can find out about these deals before they are announced to the general public. We call these deals BARGAINS!


What is A BARGAINS Odd Lot?
Odd lots are typically smaller quantities of tile (less than 200 sf) that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, end of production runs or are left over batches of tile that we are clearing out of our warehouse at tremendous savings. Generally, there is enough tile to do a room, a feature wall or smaller area.

All of Tiles Unlimited’s odd lots are first quality products that we only have a certain amount of in a particular batch or dye lot. Tiles are manufactured in lots. When a new lot is made, it is not advisable to mix the tiles with those from an earlier lots as properties of the tile, such as color or thickness may be different and have a negative impact on your project.

The quantity listed for an odd lot sale is all that is available for that particular lot. There will not be any more available once a particular lot is sold. In an odd lot sale, you must purchase the full quantity of available tile to take advantage of these greatly reduced prices. BARGAINS odd-lots are available at tremendous savings, often 50% or more off. But, you need to hurry as they don’t last long. It’s not uncommon for us to text a BARGAINS offer on Wednesday morning and have the odd-lot sold by lunchtime.


Not a text person? Follow and like our BARGAINS Facebook page here


Why Buy An Odd Lot?
As we mentioned, these are first quality tiles so if the available square footage meets your needs, it’s a no-brainer. Shrewd shoppers are often able to obtain tile that is out of their budget for a fraction of its original cost.

As we mentioned, the savings are substantial. A recent high-end marble mosaic that normally sells for $50.20 per square foot sold for less than $27.00 per square foot for a 22 square foot odd lot. The client saved $492 enabling her to install a gorgeous marble mosaic on her bathroom floor that was out of her budget.  Another client grabbed a recent odd lot of Italian porcelain floor tile (19 sq. ft.) and was able to redo her entryway for $27!



Here are a few samples of previous BARGAINS deals we offered in the past!
These BARGAINS have been sold and are no longer available.



Introducing Montolit Tools




Montolit Spa is one of the world’s foremost companies in the design, production and sales of various lines of electric and manual machines for working tile, stone and related materials.


Flash Line Tile & Slab Cutter
The Flash Line by Montolit is the fastest and simplest cutting system currently on the market. It’s a complete cutting system for porcelain tile and slabs as large as 134″ (yes, 134 inches) and as thick as 3/8″. It makes cutting as easy as child’s play.



Masterpiuma P3 Tile Cutters
Multifunction, power and precision are the main features of this innovative tile cutter. Masterpiuma P3 is the lightest among all professional tile cutters. This range of super-professional manual tile cutters can cut all types of tile, with thickness of .87″, quickly and accurately. Thanks to the large protractor square, even diagonal cutting is safe and simple.



Superstick Extra Suction Cups for Large-Format Tile
Large suction cup equipped with a “vacuum” safety gauge that will show instantaneously any loss of adhesion with the tile. This innovation is a superb indication for the advantage of security over safety.


Super Profiler Beveling Machine
This profiling system for ceramics and porcelain tiles & slabs, as well as any stoneware, allows easy processing of edges, making miter cuts, bevel, chamfering, rounded profiles, half bullnose, easily and safely.



Tile Nibbler for Glazed Tile & Glass Mosaics
Professional tile nibbler specifically designed for extra hard tiles, porcelain tiles ,mosaics and gres porcelain. This tool is extremely useful for making classic and artistic mosaics, small finishing touches for angles,  special shapes, breaking tiles into small pieces.

Made of high-quality forged steel, the tool has two tungsten carbide cutting wheels with titanium nitride coating. The highly effective lever combined with the concentrated points of contact between the material and the cutting edges guarantees extremely high cutting forces and accurate results. This means that the tool can also be used on vitreous mosaics and high finishing of cuts. The PVC-covered handle  ensures a secure, comfortable grip.