Ways to Create a Unique and Beautiful Tile Backsplash

Having trouble with water constantly splashing onto the wall behind your kitchen or bathroom counter? The wall probably looks dirty, dull and uninviting. One of the easiest makeover ideas is to install a backsplash tile pattern so that the area comes alive and even becomes the focal point of the space. If you live in Queens, you don’t have to worry; there are plenty of experts at Tiles Unlimited who can do the job for you. Here’s one creative backsplash tile idea:
Create a unique and charming backsplash tile are by using small geometric patterns. You could choose from an array of patterns, tiny checks, rectangles or triangles. However, patterns don’t also have to mean straight lines; you could use tiny ovals, semi-circles or arcs too in the backsplash tile area.

Play with colors
You could use neutral shades to suit any countertop color or you could be bold and use bright colored designs for sober wood work.
If the cabinetry is bright, you could tone down the color and design of the backsplash tile pattern.
You could use natural tones such as green or brown backsplash tiles to give your home a warm, summery feel. The outdoorsy look suits a kitchen fine and makes you one happy cook!

That shimmering effect
How about lending a distinctive feel to your kitchen tile backsplash area by using shiny tiles that lend a shimmering look to the area? This effect also goes well with the countertops and the steel/metallic items you use in the kitchen. The shine could either be a hint of gold or some glistening silver.

Now that you have enough ideas in your armory, you should get in touch with your Queens tiles installer to do the job for you and offer maintenance tips as well.