VIC Club 50% Referral Bonus



The Power of VIC Referrals

VIC Club members always earn 2X VIC Rewards points of client referrals. From September 15th through October 30th, VIC Club members earn a 50% BONUS on all client referrals. Let’s see how that works.

As an example, the average homeowner sale is $1,500. For a qualified referral, VIC Club Gold members normally earn 3,000 points (6,000 for Platinum members). Through 10/30, those number grow to 4,500 and 9,000 points respectively.



How It Works

  1. Register your client with your Tile Consultant between 9/15-10/30. We’ll need their name(s), phone number and email address.
  2. Unregistered or referred clients that already appear in the Tiles Unlimited client database are not eligible.
  3. Registered referrals must complete their purchase by 12/29/17.
  4. We will credit your VIC Rewards points to your account on or about 30 days after purchase.



VIC Club membership is limited to qualified Tiles Unlimited trade clients.