Seamless Indoor & Outdoor Spaces



Porcelain tile is the perfect material for bridging your indoor spaces with the great outdoors. Using the same flooring for your patio as your living room or kitchen creates fluidity and claims a piece of the outdoors as your own, which truly allows you to have your own outdoor living space.


Porcelain stone-effect and wood-look tile flooring are great choices because they look luxurious—thanks to the beautiful finishes and color varieties—but it is also extremely practical. Porcelain tile is long-lasting and low-maintenance, and isn’t a material you’ll have to upgrade anytime soon. When designing your seamless inside-outside transition, consider these tile ideas and tile collections.



Color Variation is Key


While there are many different types of stone-look and wood-look flooring options to choose from, picking the right pattern is one of the most important considerations. Think of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. Pattern and texture have a way of drawing your eye forward and eliminating elements of separation. For instance, consider going with a wood-look tile chevron pattern that points the eye outside, or a pattern that involves multiple tiles that are different sizes. Porcelain stone-look and wood-look tiles not only lends a sense of authenticity and rustic acuity to outdoor spaces, but their inherent color variations make it an easy choice for matching both indoor and outdoor decor.


Go Tropical


Add a touch of exotic, tropical style to your indoor and outdoor spaces with Tropics, a new Italian porcelain wood-look tile collection. It gets its inspiration from wood found in the tropics and features outstanding color variations. The collection is equally at home on floor, walls and even outdoors. Featuring four tropical colors (Amber, Blossom, Midnight, Ocean), two sizes (8×47, 12×24), beautiful mosaics and is offered in either a matte or shiny finish.



Dig Deeper


Getting its inspiration from tall, upright stone formations that were erected in ancient times, Archaeology is a porcelain slate-effect collection. When installed outdoors, it becomes an extension of your indoor space (pictured below). The collection is offered in 2 sizes (18×36, 23×23), 3 colors (Antracita, Arena, Gris) but the real star of this collection are the stunning, dimensional wall decors which you can see in the pictures below.



Made in the Shade


Shade Stone is an Italian porcelain stone-effect tile collection that also features gorgeous dimensional wall decors and mosaics. The large-format collection features 3 sizes (12×24, 18×36, 32×32), 5 colors (Almond, Black, Grey, Musk, White) in a matte finish. The 5 natural shades capture the age-old spirit of stone with a modern twist. As you can see in the photos below, installing it outdoors is truly an extension of your indoor space.



When you’re ready to integrate your outdoor space with your indoor rooms, head on over to Tiles Unlimited. With scores of collections that work indoors as well as outdoors, our expert designers stand ready to help you create the design of your dreams. View more tile collections suitable for outdoor use here.

Unexpected Places to Use Tile

Tile is usually thought of as the foundation for a wall or floor and most people only use tile for those two applications. It is also very common to see tile used as an artistic accent or a beautiful backsplash. Lately, we’ve noticed some unexpected and out of the box uses for tile, and would love to share them as a source of inspiration for your next home design project. These ideas will make you think of tile as more than just a functional choice.

Tile As a Headboard
In the bedroom, most think of a headboard as an add-on to the bed frame. The concept of a headboard can also work nicely as more of an abstract feature, in the form of tiling the wall adjacent to the bed. It offers a striking focal point and is an easy way to add drama to your bedroom. Unexpected Surfaces, a 3-dimensional wall tile in several light bending shapes and Generation Brick, a gorgeous brick-look tile are two tile collections that are perfect for use as a headboard.

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Tile As An Accent Rug or Carpeting
Seamlessly integrating patterned tile with flooring can mimic the look of carpeting or an accent rug. This works especially well with patterned tiles laid as the “carpet”, surrounded by a neutral colored tile. Encaustic tiles, with their stunning patterned designs, are ideal for this purpose.

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Tile Your Fireplace
Fireplaces are more than just a functional element. They can become the highlight of a room with some simple tile work. Opt for a textured tile such as our Stoned Immaculate and Another Dimension collections.

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Outdoor Spaces
Porcelain tile have recently come into its own as an outdoor decorating solution. Modern reproduction techniques allow porcelain tiles to look like real wood and stone for use in outdoor spaces, as they are less expensive that stone and wood and are much easier to maintain. Beautiful stone and wood-look porcelain pavers are designed to transform outdoor spaces, including patios, terraces, steps, pathways, gardens, and outdoor dining areas and pool decks. Available in a range of natural colors, these materials are both durable and versatile. Pavers can be placed directly over grass, sand, gravel, or existing flooring, or can be used with spacers or risers.

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