Water Jet Mosaics – Imagination Is The Only Limit

Tiles Unlimited, voted Best Tile Store in Queens, is committed to searching for and offering the latest in tile technology. We are very excited about several new lines of water jet cut mosaics. These intricate designs allow you to express your style and taste like no other tile offerings.

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Mosaic art has been prevalent for centuries, adorning famous architecture all over the world. The centuries old method of mosaics entailed taking tiny pieces of stone, glass, and other materials to create pixelated, impressionistic works reminiscent of Monet. This required physical space and distance to be fully appreciated.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Water jet machines are the new “mosaic artists” giving a more intimate design to rough, faceless slabs of material. Water jet tiles are formed with high-pressure streams of water (here’s a video of the process) that allow for exact precision to cut ornate patterns that were previously impossible to achieve. Whether your style is edgy or classic or somewhere in between, water jet mosaic tiles will allow you to express your true inner aesthetic, making it all about you.

Once the mosaic tiles have been produced, they are assembled on mesh backing. The advantage of mounting the tiles on mesh is that the mosaic can be cut to different shapes and sizes, permitting customization of the final result and making it easy to cover curved surfaces such as columns, wavy dividers, chairs, rounded edges, etc. as the tiles are mounted on a flexible base.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

With over ½ million square feet of tile in stock, you’ll find the perfect tile for your project at Tiles Unlimited. Whether you’re looking for water jet mosaics, encaustic tile or more traditional offerings, our expert designers, who received 107 five-star reviews in 2016, stand ready to assist you in realizing your design dreams.

3 Types of Tiles That Have a Classic Style

Subway tiles

Mosaic tile and stone are fast becoming a favorite for homeowners when it comes to choosing the kind of interiors they want for their houses. Homeowners in Queens are making a style statement and going with what they love with respect to interior materials. Mosaic tile and stone goes a long way into wooing potential buyers of homes, which means that a healthy resale value is also maintained.

Increasingly popular since the early 1900’s, subway tiles add a certain rustic look to the house. The fact that they handle water very well has made them more popular than the traditional ceramic tiles. Kitchens are a common part of the household to use subway tiles because of this reason. Additionally, the fact that subway tiles are also available in a variety of colors means that you can find a place for them almost anywhere in your household.


Another popular construction choice with mosaic tile and stone is marble. Screaming elegance, marble is extremely durable and has been used throughout the ages of history as a way to enhance the beauty of internal settings. As with any kind of flooring or construction material, however, it is essential to understand the various aspects of maintenance in order to preserve and increase its long life. The wear and tear that is likely to develop over the course of time, as a result of it being a completely natural product, will play a role in the overall charm of the material.

Porcelain tiles

With any construction material, durability is an essential component of its choice. Porcelain is known to be very durable and withstand some serious wear and tear. The fact that porcelain is harder and denser than many other ceramic products means that it can serve well over a number of years. The fact that it can also withstand harsh cleaning agents and chemicals allows it to be used elaborately in kitchens and bathrooms. The variety of colors and textures means that it can be aesthetically placed in various parts of the house to lend its own touch of beauty to the design.”