Four Ways Subway Tile Can Transform Your Space


subway tile


The possibilities for installing subway tile are virtually endless because of the diverse selection of products and the new design trends that are emerging every day. Subway tiles are no longer just the classic 3×6 white tiles you grew up with.  Today, you can get subway tile in virtually any color imaginable as well as dozens of different sizes and textures (three dimensional, crackle finish). Here are four ways to use subway tile to accentuate your home. (Click each picture below to see more photos from the collection.)


Classic Wall Treatments

The most popular way to use subway tile is for a traditional wall treatment. For an authentic New York look, stick with white, standard sized tiles and slim grout lines or go upscale with a natural stone look like the Marble Expressions collection. This simple design is timeless and creates a uniform finish that requires little maintenance.


marble expressions subway tile


Attractive Accents

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or your kitchen, bright accent tiles draw attention to your existing decor and can provide a great pop. For a more cohesive design, choose an accent color that complements the lighting, furniture, or finishes in the room. One of our favorite collections is The Hamptons that features a larger format (2.5”x10”) and nine cool, clean colors.


the hamptons subway tile


Modern Designs

Another emerging trend is using unique or larger sized subway tiles. This modern concept provides additional visual interest and can increase the artistic flair to the room. Our Serenity collection meets both those criteria featuring a large-format 4×12 subway tile and the beauty of natural stone (3 colors) in a contemporary style. The collection also features matching large-format (12×24, 16×32) floor tiles.


serenity subway tiles


Mesmerizing Patterns and Colors

With the variety of subway tiles, it is possible to mix and match different colors, finishes, and textures. This is easiest to do this within the same collection but also possible with different tiles, as long as you pay close attention to the thickness of each tile. Meet Oriental Ceramics, a new wall tile collection rich in colors, format and its metallic-like sheen. The collection also features absolutely stunning mixed-colored mosaics.


oriental ceramics subway tile


In the end, Tiles Unlimited has everything you need to keep up with recent trends such as wood-look tile, tile that looks like bricks or water jet mosaics . If more traditional designs are your thing, we have those too. Our team of tile consultants can provide detailed information to help you choose a product that is perfect for your project.


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Create a Stunning Feature Wall

One of our favorite design elements is the “feature wall” and it is becoming one of the hottest trends of 2017. If you’re looking to make a design statement in your home, consider creating a feature wall with tile. No matter which room contains a feature wall, it adds a great deal of depth to the rooms while creating an interesting focal point.

If you are asking what is a feature wall, let us explain. A feature wall is generally one wall or a section of a wall in a room that is different from the other walls, whether the difference be color, texture, size or all of the above.


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How to Create a Feature Wall

What we love about the feature wall is that it gives you the opportunity to be totally creative and design “outside the box”. If you aren’t into bold designs, you can always choose to be more conservative and just select a paint color a couple of tones darker than your other walls.


Click the picture to see more photos from this collection.


However, since our true passion is tile and stone, we get much more excited about seeing and creating a feature wall with tile and stone. Depending on the tile you choose, you can create a subtle feature wall that is more about texture and a suggestion of pattern, or is bolder if your tile pattern exhibits a lot of shade variation. The wood-look porcelain plank tile look continues to be stronger than ever as a floor tile and as an exciting wall tile for feature walls.


Click the picture to see more photos from this collection.


Brick-look tile is also a very popular choice for a feature wall, offering an industrial look with outstanding color variations and texture. As with many of the wood-look tile collections, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between real brick and porcelain brick-look tile.

Ready to Create Your Own Feature Wall?

We hope we have inspired you. A feature wall is an easy and effective way to add visual interest to almost any room in your home. With so many product options, creating a feature wall with tile can be great fun. We hope you’ll consider including one. One last tip, any tile can be used on walls even though not all tiles can be used on floors. This means, when creating your special feature wall your options are virtually limitless.

Click the picture to see more photos from this collection.

The design experts at Tiles Unlimited, dual winner in the 2017 Best of the Boro Competition (Best Tile Store & Best Kitchen & Bath Store) stand ready to help you design the feature wall, or any space, of your dreams. Now is the perfect time to visit us as our Semi-Annual Tile Clearance Sale is now in progress. With savings up to 80% off, you won’t find a better time to shop for tile.

Ancient Techniques…Modern Style

Encaustic tile may be a new term to you, but it’s an antique style making a big comeback. These ornate tiles are at once old-fashioned and modern, so here’s how to incorporate this design trend for 2017.


Encaustic tiles were all the rage in the Victorian era and even farther back, in the medieval times. Until recently, these ornate tiles had fallen out of favor as unadorned or glazed tiles took their place. The designs are more complicated and the finished tiles heavier from the layers, making the tiles unique but costly.

Contemporary encaustic tiles can have bold graphics in an array of colors or throwbacks to Medieval or Victorian time periods. The ability to create such intricate patterns is a hallmark of this style. Encaustic tiles are endlessly versatile and can fit into any design scheme, making them a new favorite of designers.

Encaustic tile is gorgeous in an entryway where your visitors can admire it. It is also comfortable in bathrooms and kitchens, natural homes for tile. Encaustic tile is even beautiful and useful in a living room. The design element replaces a rug, acts as a focal point, and dogs and kids can do no harm to the tough tiles. Since the design is inlayed, it will not wear away with use, making it perfect for high traffic areas.


Why stop at the floor? Encaustic tile is beautiful on walls or backsplashes, too, in bathrooms or kitchens. A geometric backsplash and accent wall take a streamlined kitchen from simple to high-design. Click here to see design ideas for encaustic tiles. With over ½ million square feet of tile in stock, you’ll find the perfect tile for your project at Tiles Unlimited.

Unique Pieces for Unique Spaces (Dimensional Wall Tile)

The Earth is not flat nor should your walls be. Unexpected Surfaces, a ceramic wall tile collection, utilizes the integration of light and shadow to create surfaces that shift and transform with the changing of light. Redefine the vision of your space with elegant, subtle and contemporary designs all with the qualities of ceramic durability and resistance.

Tile Showcase Tilesunlimited

As tiles branch out of the kitchen and bathroom, more and more people are tiling such spaces as dining and living room feature walls, fireplaces and bedroom walls behind the bed. Come see Tiles Unlimited’s expert tile designers who can assist you in creating these unique, non-traditional tile designs. Unexpected Surfaces is an ideal solution for a feature wall or as a headboard for your bed.

Tilesunlimited NY

Unexpected Surfaces is available in 6 colors (Ice White Matte, Ice White Gloss, Natural, Ash Gray, Earth and Graphite) and 3 sizes (5” x 5”, 5”x10” and 10”x10”). Click here to see more innovative ways to use this tile collection.

What Are Rectified Tiles?

If you have recently purchased a property in Queens, or are looking to conduct renovations on your home, one of the ways to boost your home’s aesthetic vale is to integrate rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are typically made from ceramic or porcelain materials. These tiles are unique in that they are mechanically engineered to meet precise measurements. As such, any single rectified tile will have the same dimensions as another.

The uniformity and precision that is unique to rectified tiles, has made them extremely popular among contractors and homeowners within Queens. One of the most common problems that renovators face when conducting tiling projects is integrating tiles, keeping in mind, the amount they expand and contract. With tiles that have varying dimensions, it can be quite difficult to ascertain the shrinkage and expansion factor. With rectified tiles though, this is no longer a problem. However, keep in mind that rectified tiles are only in uniform in terms of their square dimensions, and not their thickness.

When to use rectified tiles?

If you are considering integrating rectified tiles onto your property, it is important to take two factors into consideration. The first of these relates to the grout joints on a tile. With rectified tiles, grout joints are extremely small, giving your floor a smooth and continuous surface. The second factor to consider is the size of tiles required. It is unlikely that you will find rectified tiles with dimensions lesser than 12” x 12”. More often than not, rectified tiles are used on larger surface areas, rather than small spaces.

Using Tile on Stairs

Being creative

While a staircase in a house is really nothing more than a functional aspect of the entire structure, designing it and decorating it well can make it an appealing part of the interiors of the house. Many homeowners in Queens have used mosaic tile and stone patterns to help boost the beauty of the stairs and have increased the beauty and value of their home.

Being creative is the key aspect of making your staircase not only beautiful, but also unique. Capturing a person’s imagination as soon as they walk in your front door is the order of the day and being proud of your house can give you a certain satisfaction that can rarely be matched. The fact that there are different types of material easily available on the open market means that your imagination and creativity should know no bounds. Tiled stairs can be made into art pieces with the right placement of tiles, with designs on them and could turn into a real conversation starter.

Alternating patterns

Alternating patterns of mosaic tile and stone are probably a common variant of design on the stairs. The fact that you can get mosaic tiles in various varieties means that you can explore the market, think of a design, and then setup the design on the staircase just as you imagined it. Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of an alternating pattern design is the fact that it helps build a visually defined space for each individual step. Of course, you need to make sure that your tiles do not clash and are not too garish.

Repeated pattern

Repeated patterns are also commonly used when dealing with mosaic tile and stone and have its own advantages. The fact that you only have to buy one variety of tile means that costs may be reduced – while following a repeated pattern of tile laying means that a certain amount of uniformity is attained. The repeated pattern is known to be effective when dealing with stairs that are rather long, while alternating patterns may be better on shorter width stairs.

The Latest Tile Trends

Benefits of Installing Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are among the most durable options available to homeowners in Queens, especially because of the quality of raw materials used in making mosaics such as glass, stone or marble. The technique used in manufacturing mosaic tiles has been in use for centuries, ensuring that their durability is longer than those of other options. Once you have completed mosaic tile install in your home, maintenance is very simple and cleaning needs to be done only when the other areas of your home are being cleaned. One of the best qualities of mosaic tiles is that it adds value to any home. Making home improvements with mosaic tiles will increase the value of your home as mosaic tile walls and floors have been valued through the ages for their durable and decorative value.

Large Formats

Large tiles have made their comeback as several interior decorators are recommending large subway bricks, rectangular and square. While 8×8-inch squares or 16×32-inch rectangles are the most common choices, the trends this year may just get bigger. Rectangular tiles measuring around 36×72 inches are a great option as they are easier to clean as compared to standard tiles. This contemporary design will surely add to the beauty of your walls and floors.

Photorealistic Mosaics

Ancient art forms have been experiencing resurgence over the past few years. Photorealistic mosaics are in fashion and you can now make the most of cutting-edge technology to pixelate and reassemble personalized images, and have them shine on your walls and floors.

Is Ceramic Tiles a Good Flooring Choice for My Home?

Durability comes in a wide range

Ceramic tile is a great choice for tile flooring your home in Queens. It will not only help keeping moisture at bay nut also keep your floor cool in summers and warm in winters. Ceramic tiles are durable and resist dents well. They also come in varied colors, textures and styles to add to the aesthetics of your home.

Choosing your ceramic tile

Selecting your ceramic tile flooring has to be done wisely and with a little bit of planning. Make sure you invest wisely by purchasing your tiles from a reputed brand and store. Avoid lighter colors in rooms which would be exposed to food spills and staining. Avoid slippery tiles if you have young kids or people who require mobility support as ceramic tiles are relatively slippery. Choose textured tiles for rooms that will tend to get wet so as to avoid slipping. Smaller tiles are less slippery due to the presence of more grout.

Maintenance and cleaning

Ceramic tile flooring will require timely maintenance to last longer. Try to sweep ceramic tiled floors at least on alternative days and mop them once in three to four days. A solution of white vinegar and baking soda and a gentle brush is safe for cleaning your ceramic tiles. Over time, your ceramic tiles may look dull and lackluster. Call for professional tile cleaning service to make your tiles look new and stain-free.

Celebrate Color with Herringbone Ceramic Floor

Tile Floors for an Elegant and Welcoming Home

The ordinary, boring, and dull colors of your Queens home can be replaced with attractive tile floor installed at affordable prices. Different patterns can be used and combined with varying sizes to create a unique and beautiful effect. Dark and light shades of a particular color may be creatively combined to come up with innovative designs. Interior designers and decorators often draw inspiration from patterns on quilts and textiles, and design distinctive floors. By making use of the right colors on your Herringbone ceramic floors, you can make a small room appear much larger. Exotic patterns can be derived from simple shapes and shades to give your home the look you want.

Adding Design and Interesting Patterns to Increase Appeal

When undertaking tile floor installation, designs or murals in different shapes and colors can be added to the room’s center to make the area appear larger. A combination of glass and ceramic delivers an elegant pattern. Contrasting colors can be used to create intriguing patterns such as that of a checker board. Square tiles will be required for checker board patterns as well as diamond patterns. Octagonal or hexagonal tiles can be used to create something different. Patterns such as pinwheel will make your room appear chic.

Important Points to Remember

Regardless of the patterns you choose for tile floor installation, it must complement the theme and design of your home. Herringbone ceramic floors are great as they make your home appear classy. Your budget must be considered well in advance and professional help must be requested to ensure that your home gets the best look it can.

3 Types of Tiles That Have a Classic Style

Subway tiles

Mosaic tile and stone are fast becoming a favorite for homeowners when it comes to choosing the kind of interiors they want for their houses. Homeowners in Queens are making a style statement and going with what they love with respect to interior materials. Mosaic tile and stone goes a long way into wooing potential buyers of homes, which means that a healthy resale value is also maintained.

Increasingly popular since the early 1900’s, subway tiles add a certain rustic look to the house. The fact that they handle water very well has made them more popular than the traditional ceramic tiles. Kitchens are a common part of the household to use subway tiles because of this reason. Additionally, the fact that subway tiles are also available in a variety of colors means that you can find a place for them almost anywhere in your household.


Another popular construction choice with mosaic tile and stone is marble. Screaming elegance, marble is extremely durable and has been used throughout the ages of history as a way to enhance the beauty of internal settings. As with any kind of flooring or construction material, however, it is essential to understand the various aspects of maintenance in order to preserve and increase its long life. The wear and tear that is likely to develop over the course of time, as a result of it being a completely natural product, will play a role in the overall charm of the material.

Porcelain tiles

With any construction material, durability is an essential component of its choice. Porcelain is known to be very durable and withstand some serious wear and tear. The fact that porcelain is harder and denser than many other ceramic products means that it can serve well over a number of years. The fact that it can also withstand harsh cleaning agents and chemicals allows it to be used elaborately in kitchens and bathrooms. The variety of colors and textures means that it can be aesthetically placed in various parts of the house to lend its own touch of beauty to the design.”