New Product Alert! LED Lighted Medicine Cabinets

Signature Royale LED Lighted Medicine Cabinets
Fresh off the introduction of our new line of LED mirrors, we are pleased to introduce a new line of LED Lighted Medicine Cabinets. Take advantage of special introductory prices; you won’t see prices this low again. No modern bathroom should be without an LED lighted medicine cabinet or mirror. Save big on your electric bills with state-of-the-art LED lighting. Built of anodized aluminum, these medicine cabinets are built to last.


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Hot Trend – Wood-Look Tile in the Bathroom

Looking to make your bathroom unique? Maybe something rustic, yet contemporary? Consider wood-look tile for your bathroom and yes, even your shower.

Real wood presents some major difficulties in the bathroom let alone the shower. In fact, wood in the shower is pretty much unheard of—until now. We’re talking about wood-look porcelain tile in the shower. It gives you a realistic wood-grain look with the natural variations found in hardwood along with the durability and ease of maintenance you simply can’t get with anything but tile.


Distinctive Wood collection


Tiles Unlimited has more than two-dozen wood-look tile collections that are applicable for use in a bathroom. You can create an unexpected look that you’ll enjoy using every day. Some popular options include our Distinctive Wood collection, available in 8 colors and 3 sizes (mix and match different widths for the most realistic look) with outstanding color variation.  More traditional offerings include our Touch Wood (9 colors) and Wooden Forest (3 colors with some stunning mosaics).  For those wanting the look of wooden planks, our Unusual Wood collection is offered in 6 colors and 5 sizes with planks as long as 67”.


Touch Wood collection


Tile sizes offer some flexibility in design as well. A traditional plank looks stunning either placed horizontally or vertically. Add an accent tile to dress it up. Large format tiles have become a staple on the floor, but have made their way to the wall so why not put them to work in the shower? As an alternative to the large plank, try a smaller, linear wood-look tile. Playing with the size can transform your shower into a unique, luxury retreat.

Your shower has a job to do. Take some time to consider functionality along with design. You must consider your shower wall and shower floor as two separate things. Any wood-look tile that can withstand a moist environment will perform well on the shower wall, but the floor is a different story.


Unusual Wood collection


Because of the requirements of the shower floor, mosaics of four inches or smaller should be used with standard drain while linear drains afford you the option of using larger tile. You have to make sure you have the right slope to the drain and larger tiles make that difficult to achieve. The extra grout lines you get when installing a shower floor also give you more slip-resistance—which you need plenty of on the shower floor. Designing a shower that’s anything but ordinary with unexpected materials like wood-look tile for the shower requires a bit of expertise, both in purchasing and installation. Always check manufacturer recommendations to ensure you select an appropriate tile for your shower floor or ask our expert Tile Consultants.


Wooden Forest collection


While you’re looking at tile for your bathroom, make sure you check out our new line of bathroom fixtures including vanities, freestanding bathtubs, medicine cabinets, mirrors and bath accessories.

Much More Than Tile…Amazing Deals on LED Bathroom Mirrors

Why worry about vanity lighting for your mirror when your mirror can be your vanity light? With clean lines, contemporary designs and unparalleled LED lighting quality, LED lighted mirrors are sophisticated centerpieces for modern bathrooms. Come see them, as well as all new vanities, on display in our showroom.

Special Introductory Pricing – Only $389!


Daytona 24” LED Mirror
The Daytona LED Mirror features an integrated digital clock, defogging heated glass and touch screen controls and is made of solid-body anodized aluminum. Regular price is $525.

Evolution 24” LED Mirror
The Evolution LED Mirror is highly energy efficient, comes with a 5-year warranty and features touch sensitive controls. Installation hardware is included. Regular price is $535.

Hurry, special introductory pricing ends on 5/13/17.

Tile Trend – Industrial Spaces…Warm Minimalism…Fresh Elegance

Love the look of exposed brick, ductwork, and metal? Wish you lived in a trendy downtown loft? The rise of industrial design may be the single biggest reason that tiles that mimic the look of concrete have entered the mainstream. Whether they’re honed or polished, they telegraph industrial chic like few other materials can.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Concrete is the very definition of the industrial look. Polished and colored concrete-like tiles are finding their way into more than just industrial style designs. Softening the industrial style a bit makes it right at home with your family. Add a rug. Include throw pillows. Get overstuffed furniture. Bring in softer art—like one of the impressionists—to balance the industrial with the cushier home and family parts.

Contrasting Elements is an Italian porcelain stoneware collection. Going beyond the traditional boundaries between ancient and modern, this new collection skillfully combines the age-old stones that for centuries have graced the floors of prestigious European homes with sections of worn concrete, almost as though to represent the process of aging and maintenance performed on existing surfaces. The result is a fascinating interplay of elements and layers capable of interacting with contemporary architecture.

Tile Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

This rich palette of colors (bronze, cream, ecru, gray and smoke), finishes and modular sizes (4×12, 12×24, 24×24, 12×48, 24×48) yields original wall and floor layouts. The collection is enhanced by exquisite decors, inserts, borders, mosaic and trimming elements. It is equally suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, public spaces and even outdoor spaces.

Whatever your style – industrial chic, traditional or more modern – the design experts at Tiles Unlimited are ready to help you design your dream space. We invite you to our state-of-the-art showroom to see why Tiles Unlimited was voted Best Tile Store in the 2016 Best of Long Island and the 2017 Best of the Boro competitions.

A Guide to Choosing Mosaic Tiles

Using tiles creatively is an excellent method of modernizing the look of your home, especially your bathroom, kitchen or living room floors. The fact is you can use tiles to simply add texture and color to the decor of nearly any room in your home. The possibilities offered by tiles are practically endless and when used correctly, tiles have the potential to make any space more vibrant and inviting.

One easy way to add more excitement or a feature to your renovation is by incorporating mosaic tiles. The most important aspect of using mosaic tiles lies in choosing the right color and size for the space you intend to decorate.

Once you understand the impact of these basic elements, you will be surprised to discover that choosing mosaic tiles for your home is something you can do yourself. Installing mosaic tile is a project that can be tackled by DIY renovators across all levels of experience.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Diverse and Versatile

Mosaic tiles are very diverse in colors, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes. These types of tiles are incredibly versatile meaning you can easily customize them to suit your tiling preferences and design style. This makes them the ideal choice if you are a bathroom or kitchen remodeling aficionado wanting to add some extra flair to your home.

When selecting your ideal tile pattern, remember to always be aware of the area you wish to add mosaics – is it an entire area or simply a feature strip? You may opt to go for tiles of different shapes to create cool designs and patterns within the area you are tiling.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Broad Design Choice

The next very important stage in the selection process is to decide the tiles design you wish to use. Mosaic tiles come in various patterns and textures and of course different price points. Among the most popular and highly recommended is the patterned mosaic tile option. The designs and color choices are almost endless, which makes finding your perfect mosaic tile that bit more exciting.

As you choose your ideal mosaic tiles, ensure that you look at the aspect of tile porosity and durability. This is particularly important if you intend to use them on floors, in wet areas and in high traffic areas.

Tiles Unlimited Tile Showcase NY

Suitable Places for Mosaic Tiles

Bathrooms and showers make ideal locations to begin playing around or experimenting with mosaic tiles within your home. Mosaic tiles can instantly enhance the life of your bathroom with just a feature strip or a whole wall and then complimenting with neutral tiles to amplify the WOW factor of the mosaic.

Another great place to experiment with mosaic tiles is the kitchen. Your kitchen is an excellent place for trying eye-catching tile backsplashes or areas around your sink and main cooking areas. Don’t forget to research tile porosity due to the presence of water within your kitchen and whether or not the tile requires sealing.

The Bottom Line

Decorating with mosaic tiles is a relatively easy and can be a cost effective way to enhance the tiled areas within your home that are often overlooked when renovating. If you have any questions with tile selection or would like some guidance on style then the expert design team at Tiles Unlimited is always happy to help.

We Also Do Complete Bathrooms for Your Long Island Home

While building a new house or renovating an old one in Long Island, you must ensure that you pay as much attention to the bathroom, as to the rest of the rooms in the house. This is because a well lit, beautifully furnished and elegantly decorated bathroom is more than a place to do your daily ablutions, it is often a peaceful sanctuary where you can escape for a long, serene bath after a hard day’s work.

In the Long Island area, there are numerous stores that keep bathroom furnishings, decorations and accessories. However, they only sell what it passed on to them through their retailers and have no real knowledge about how a well planned and decorated bathroom should look like, or its advantages. What you need for such intelligent bathroom designing is some professionals at Tiles Unlimited.

Tiles Unlimited has tasteful medicine cabinets, vanities, and original glass sinks just to name the few elements of your next beautiful bathroom.

3582_6x24 Sierra Ledgerstone

Although the name of this company suggests it sells all kinds of tiles, it is well known in Queens for selling tasteful medicine cabinets, vanities, original glass sinks and everything else related to bathroom decoration and design. The best bit is that Tiles Unlimited offers an exhaustive and creative catalogue wherein you can choose from hundreds of creative bathroom ideas and designs in any material of your preference, ranging from ceramic to porcelain, natural stone or just plain glass.

When you consult Tiles Unlimited, you can be rest assured that their bathroom designs and decoration ideas are going to be unique, creative and customize to your needs. It comes as no surprise then, that Tiles Unlimited is hands down Queens’ best and most popular bathroom and tile décor shop, with most Long Island residents consulting them to make their bathrooms beautiful and practical.

Saddles for an Elegant Home

Saddles are best used as changeover pieces between window sills, shower curves and rooms. Not only do saddles add to the quality of a particular room, but they also make the room look elegant and classy.

If you’re looking for saddles in Queens or Long Island, Tiles Unlimited has an interesting collection to choose from. The finest stones are used to make them and the Perlato and Carrara saddles hail from the Italian mountains while their Black Absolute saddles originate from India. Each saddle is unique due to the variations in the natural color of stones, and each one of them is finished with fine polish.

The Black Absolute saddles from India are among the finest and people all over the world embrace them with much aplomb as they add that element of style to an otherwise simple home. Tiles Unlimited features three main types of saddles including Carrara, Perlato and Black Absolute saddles that can be chosen in different sizes so as to match your requirements. While saddles are known to add to the beauty of your home, you must ensure that they are maintained properly. It is important to clean it every now and then with a wet cloth or cleaning solutions that is recommended by the manufacturers.

If you have any questions regarding saddles for your Queens or Long Island home, give us a call at (866) 798-3454.

New Tiles Breathe New Life into Bathroom

Choosing your bathroom tiles carefully not only helps keep the area clean but also saves future costs if they are attractive and durable. If you wish to attach new tiles in the bathroom since your next door neighbor in Queens has installed latest glass tiles then go ahead but enquire about cost carefully before undertaking that venture. Improving bathroom tile work is an easy job and can be done within a day or two which can breathe new life into the bathroom if wall and floor tiles are in harmony.

Choosing right glass tile for enhancing look of bathroom

There are two kinds of glass tiles namely opaque and translucent which can be used on bathroom’s counter-top or wall which can be ordered online or from your local hardware store. It is best to first see each variety of glass tiles available in markets and take advice about durability of each type depending on usage before deciding on a particular variety that suits your budget. Hardware stores in Queens can help you choose right kind of glass tiles and can also send plumber to fix it in professional manner so the exercise can breathe new life into your bathroom.

Advantage of glass tiles in bathrooms

To give an aesthetic feel to the bathroom, glass tiles are the best as they are resilient against mold and mildew which are common problems and can easily wash off water stains. Best advantage of glass tiles is that if your bathroom gets plenty of natural light then you can be treated to spectacular display of light and color which is impossible with other materials.

Install Attractive and Convenient Corner Shelves in Your Bathroom

The Use of Corner Shelves in Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the only places where you get to pamper yourself with a relaxing and refreshing bath. It is therefore implied, that your bathroom should look and feel as refreshing as you want yourself to look and feel after a long and hard day’s work.

When you intend to take a nice relaxing and refreshing bath, you would require assorted toiletries like soap, shampoos and shower gels to completely purge the fatiguing sweat out of your body’s pores. If you store these toiletries in a bathroom closet; it would be anticlimactic in the very least when you stagger shakily across the slippery back splash tiles to get them, right in the middle of your rejuvenating bath. Therefore it would be a good idea for you to install a corner shelf in your bathroom.

Advantages of a Corner Shelf

A corner shelf is a great place to store your regular bath accessories and regularly used toiletries. Putting your assorted toiletries on a corner shelf would put most of your necessary items within your arm’s reach. As a result of that, you wouldn’t have to interrupt your bath to get a necessary bath item from a closet far away.

Bathroom corner shelves come in large variety- polished stone, porcelain or honed natural stone, making the selection of a corner shelf that goes well with your bathroom decor, easy. You can have porcelain tiles or back splash tiles installed in your bathroom, and you will still find a good rust free corner shelf that looks good and takes up minimal space.

How to Prevent Mold in Bathrooms and Showers

Damp Weather and Mold Growth

Mold growth is a frequent occurrence in many homes and especially increases during monsoon or in a damp climate. This is because warm and damp environments encourage the growth of this nasty fungus. Mold can thrive in many areas of your home and is highly common in wet places like your bathroom. It can lead to wear and tear on your beautiful mosaic tiles or porcelain tiles, but the main problem is that it can affect your health.

Preventing mold growth in the bathroom of your Queens home

Mold growth can be seen in bathtubs, showers, bathroom tiles, wash basins, etc. It is unsightly and can ruin the beauty of your porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles. Once they start to appear, it is an indication that the air circulation in the room is poor and you need to open the doors and windows more frequently. This will reduce the chances of having mold growths in your bathroom. Here are a few more tips on how you can prevent mold from growing in your bathrooms and showers:
Use your bathroom fan regularly after every shower, so that it can clear out the moisture. If you are already doing this and still facing mold problems, it might be because the fan isn’t big enough. Make sure you get a fan with the capacity to remove the humidity in your bathroom. If you don’t own a bathroom fan, it would be a wise decision to invest in one.
If you often get mold in the shower walls and tiles, it could be a result of cracks between the ceramic shower tiles. This will also lead to more growth between the walls of your shower. The best solution here would be to replace the cracked tiles, so that you can prevent future mold growth.

Using mosaic tiles or porcelain tiles for your bathroom and shower is a popular trend in many Queens and Long Island homes. They look beautiful, but you must maintain them properly to avoid damage and mold.