New Tiles Breathe New Life into Bathroom

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Choosing your bathroom tiles carefully not only helps keep the area clean but also saves future costs if they are attractive and durable. If you wish to attach new tiles in the bathroom since your next door neighbor in Queens has installed latest glass tiles then go ahead but enquire about cost carefully before undertaking that venture. Improving bathroom tile work is an easy job and can be done within a day or two which can breathe new life into the bathroom if wall and floor tiles are in harmony.

Choosing right glass tile for enhancing look of bathroom

There are two kinds of glass tiles namely opaque and translucent which can be used on bathroom’s counter-top or wall which can be ordered online or from your local hardware store. It is best to first see each variety of glass tiles available in markets and take advice about durability of each type depending on usage before deciding on a particular variety that suits your budget. Hardware stores in Queens can help you choose right kind of glass tiles and can also send plumber to fix it in professional manner so the exercise can breathe new life into your bathroom.

Advantage of glass tiles in bathrooms

To give an aesthetic feel to the bathroom, glass tiles are the best as they are resilient against mold and mildew which are common problems and can easily wash off water stains. Best advantage of glass tiles is that if your bathroom gets plenty of natural light then you can be treated to spectacular display of light and color which is impossible with other materials.

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Backsplash Tile Enhances Cabinets and Granite Counter Tops

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Adding a backsplash to the kitchen of your Queens home can enhance the look of your interiors many times over. And if your backsplash tile complements your cabinets and granite counter tops, the whole kitchen can appear to be remodeled. There are several factors to consider if you are thinking of adding a backspash or remodeling an existing backsplash.

Complementary patterns

A backsplash tile design can make your kitchen appear more beautiful as long as the designs are not clashing with each other. If your kitchen cabinets are a shade of brown, then a combination of backsplash in crème-colored tiles can add to the dark of the granite. You can also opt for same shades for backsplash as your cabinets and counter tops. White cabinets and black granite counter tops can get a beauty boost with a backsplash made of patterned tiles in black and white or shades of gray.

Type of material

The look of the kitchen can vary depending on the type of tile used for backsplash. Marble and granite tiles are most popular choices for backsplash designs. But there are more options. Ceramic tiles will offer completely different look than glass tiles. Glass tiles reflect light and this can add another dimension to compliment your cabinets and counter top. Another great option is to use porcelain tiles for your backsplash. They not only add value to your kitchen design but like ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. For an uncommon look you can opt for metal tiles available in copper or aluminum.


The choice of tile patterns for your backsplash can add to your kitchen décor. Diagonal tiles or metal laser-cut tiles, or tiles with large patterns or a herringbone design, choose any that go with your cabinets and counter tops. It is quite amazing how use of backslash tiles can enhance the kitchen even if the cabinets and counter tops are plain.

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Is Ceramic Tiles a Good Flooring Choice for My Home?

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Durability comes in a wide range

Ceramic tile is a great choice for tile flooring your home in Queens. It will not only help keeping moisture at bay nut also keep your floor cool in summers and warm in winters. Ceramic tiles are durable and resist dents well. They also come in varied colors, textures and styles to add to the aesthetics of your home.

Choosing your ceramic tile

Selecting your ceramic tile flooring has to be done wisely and with a little bit of planning. Make sure you invest wisely by purchasing your tiles from a reputed brand and store. Avoid lighter colors in rooms which would be exposed to food spills and staining. Avoid slippery tiles if you have young kids or people who require mobility support as ceramic tiles are relatively slippery. Choose textured tiles for rooms that will tend to get wet so as to avoid slipping. Smaller tiles are less slippery due to the presence of more grout.

Maintenance and cleaning

Ceramic tile flooring will require timely maintenance to last longer. Try to sweep ceramic tiled floors at least on alternative days and mop them once in three to four days. A solution of white vinegar and baking soda and a gentle brush is safe for cleaning your ceramic tiles. Over time, your ceramic tiles may look dull and lackluster. Call for professional tile cleaning service to make your tiles look new and stain-free.

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Metal Mosaic Tiling: The New Modern

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Metal mosaic tiles are made from a wide range of metals and can be used for many Queens home improvement projects. Typically crafted from stainless steel, metal mosaic tiles can also be made in copper, bronze and gold. The tile is made with an overlay of brushed metal that is bonded to a base made from clay. However, you can also choose tiles made purely from metal.

Using a metal mosaic tile at home

Whether you are a professional designer or more of a DIY person, you can find the right metal mosaic tile in any size and style to suit your project. You can choose between set patterns on fiberglass meshes to individual tiles that can be laid in an alternating pattern. They are typically available in all sizes ranging between 2 centimeters to 12 centimeters. The range of size, color and pattern options on metallic tiles are wide and can include everything from rectangles, square and circular shapes. You can even get organically shaped metal tiles for your Queens home.


Apart from fixed printed metallic tiles, you can choose organic designs where no two tiles are truly identical, creating an interesting pattern in your home. A metal mosaic tile is so versatile that you can use it in combination with other mosaic, ceramic and porcelain tiles. With the right products for installation and adhesion, you can create interesting patterns in your home. Ensure that you purchase the right tools, cement and sealants to complete the job perfectly.

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Replacing Tiles in Hallways of Apartment Buildings

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Leave it to the professionals

You can easily find several DIY articles about tile replacement online. But it is a complicated job and is best left to the professionals. The look of the entire floor is spoiled by one broken tile. A trained professional will be able to remove the broken tile and replace it with the new tile efficiently. The floor will appear as good as new.

It is extremely important to first cleanly remove the broken or damaged tile, before replacing it with a new one. Grout repairs can be done during removal, which ensures that the surface of the floor looks new once again.

Maintaining uniformity of hallway tiles

Guests visiting your Queens apartment will first enter the hallway and a damaged tile can be an embarrassment for you. Professional help will ensure that the elegant look of the hallway floor is maintained. One tile will not stand out from the rest. The color and shade of the tile will match the others.

The lifespan of your floor will also be extended. The chances of future repairs will be significantly reduced. Replacing a tile is affordable. A DIY job might seem cheaper, but a simple mistake might lead to more repairs and the cost you a lot.

Delicate tiles

Certain types of tiles – ceramic, porcelain, and glass – are comparatively delicate and needs to be handled with care. It is possible that while replacing one damaged tile, you inadvertently damage other tiles.

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5 Tips for Tile in Remodeling a Bathroom

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Bathroom remodeling could easily be one of the most expensive and the most complicated construction you may ever have to undertake. Tiling is yet another highly complex project and you can easily get overwhelmed with the number of choices offered to you. So here are some of key tiling tips for your bathroom-remodeling project in your Queens home.


Type of tile

There are plenty of different types of tiles available on the basis of the material used in making them. Ceramic are certainly the most preferred choice for tiling. However, you can also choose porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles provide a wide range of design whereas porcelain provides beautiful textures similar to stone and wood.



The size of the tiles and the material you decide to go with are linked closely. If you choose to have tiles of larger size, it is always a good idea to go with porcelain, as these are more durable and strong compared to ceramic.


Other considerations

You may also need to consider some other aspects such as tiling for the walls and the affordability. Ceramic are the most affordable and as a result a combination of ceramic for the wall along with the wonderful textures of porcelain for the floor can make a perfect combination for your bathroom. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to use a sealant on these tiles to reduce any staining and grout formation.

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How to Keep the Ceramic Tile Grout in Your Shower Looking New

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In an average home, a shower is something that is used well over 1000 times in a year. In addition to this, there is the fact that your shower doesn’t get enoug

h sunlight to dry itself between the showers. This makes it very important to maintain g

rout and keep the showers in your Queens home sealed and pretty, through tile cleaning. Here are some simple and easy techniques you can use to keep your Queens bathroom grout free.


Shampoo and other accessories

One of the main contributors to grout is your shampoo and other bathroom accessories that you may be using. It is always a good idea to check any bathroom accessory for artificial colors and dyes. These are not only bad for your skin but

also for your bathroom. Getting a shampoo completely free of artificial coloring agent is perhaps the best tile cleaning you will be giving your bathroom.


Cleaning agents

The tiles in your bathroom are susceptible to harsh chemicals. While these chemicals may give your bathroom an instant glow but on the long run, the tiles will not only lose their glow but also become soft and begin absorbing water. Instead it is a good idea to use a 30% vinegar and water mixture for tile cleaning. This will not only remove the grout but also keep your tiles in good shape.


Sealing the grout 

You should also seal the grout at your Queens bathroom at least twice a year depending upon how often you use the shower. Sealed grout will not only be stain resistant but will add the property of water repellent to the tiles.

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Which is the Best Floor Tile for Your Bath?

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Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most common flooring options for any bathroom. These tiles give the bathroom a clean and classic look, which is waterproof, strain-resistant and extremely durable. These features help in reducing the chances of slipping if the floor is wet. It is best to look for ceramic tiles that are certified as slip-resistant. This type of tile is much cheaper in comparison to a glass tile for your bathroom.


Vinyl tiles

If you are a budget constrained homeowner, then it is best to go for a vinyl tile over a glass tile, as it is one of the cheapest tiles in the market. The best part about having a vinyl tile for your bathroom in Queens it that it is easy to clean, is stain-proof and waterproof. Make sure that you choose a top quality vinyl sheet instead of a peel and stick tile as it will reduce the seams, which can allow water to seep through. If you are going for this option, it is best to get foam or felt backing vinyl as it makes the floor much softer and reduces the chances of slipping or falling.


Cork tiles

Cork is made from bark and is one of the most renewable tile sources out there. These tiles can resist mildew and molds and are highly waterproof. Cork tiles have a polyurethane topcoat, which protects the floor from any spills. A cork tile is a more durable option in comparison to a glass tile.

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Tips on Installing Hearth Tiles

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The hearth is the area of your fireplace on which the fire box and other components rest. The hearth can be covered with tiles to lend an aesthetic touch to your home, apart from serving as a protective layer between the fireplace and your floor.


Fireplace tile varieties

Hearth tiles are available in many textures, materials and colors. You could choose porcelain, slate, marble or ceramic, but it is best to seek professionals in your Queens neighborhood for clarity on the best option for fireplace tile repair and first-time installation.


Fireplace tile repair procedure

If  a stray tile  is chipped, the tiles should be cleaned with soap solution and wiped dry. Then, the tiny cracks should be glued together and allowed to set for about 15 minutes. Your Queens handyman will then use a filler to cement the chipped areas and cracks, following which the expert will let it dry for an hour or so. Once the cracked areas are put together, the person will paint the tile with a color that suits the overall scheme best. If several tiles are damaged beyond repair, all the tiles will be taken out and a new set plastered in again.


Tile maintenance

Keep the tiles near your fireplace clean by regularly vacuuming the area. Use a cleaning solution to wipe the tiles and then pat them dry with a soft cloth. If it is a traditional fireplace, you can remove the accumulated soot with the aid of a white vinegar solution.


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What is Tile Floor Warming?

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Radiant heating is fast becoming one of the most popular heating solutions for homeowners in the United States. Homeowners in Queens are constantly preoccupied with reducing their electricity usages and electric bills, always looking for new ways to save on energy usage. Radiant heating ticks all the right boxes.

There are typically two kinds of radiant heating solutions available in the current marketplace. The first of these is dry-system radiant tubing that uses electric powered tubes that lie between the floor and plywood layers underneath. The second is a hydronic radiant heating system that uses looped tubes to pump water underneath the floor. A boiler or another form of water heater heats the water itself.


Conserve energy with radiant heating
The amazing thing about radiant heating systems is that it is possible to integrate features like solar heaters into their mechanisms. Hydronic radiant heating systems can use solar heaters placed on the roof of a house to heat up the water that flows through the tubing underneath the floor. While there are still improvements to be made with regard to solar heating, it is still considered a far more sustainable way than other forms.


Experience improved comfort levels
While some individuals may be satisfied with traditional heating systems, the truth is that there is nothing better than waking up and walking on a floor that is already heated. Individuals can enjoy the experience knowing that the tile floor warming system is not only working efficiently, but reducing their total energy usage as well.

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