Is a Tile Roof Worth the Cost?

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A roof performs the extremely crucial functions of keeping your home dry, as well as maintaining a particular temperature within it. Homeowners in Queens that suspect that their roofs may be damaged or deteriorating must rush to replace tiles immediately, before any emergency arises. Apart from the practical aspect of a roof, a beautifully tiled roof can also boost a home’s general aesthetic, and add to its re-sale value.

Traditionally, residents and homeowners opt for asphalt or steel roofing. However, in recent years, many are now realizing that tiled roofing, albeit a little more expensive, provides a greater level of durability and style.

Why choose tiled roofs?

The most important advantage that tiled roofs have over traditional roofing material is that of durability. Manufacturers of roofing tiles now provide warranties for their products that last up to fifty years. This is ideal for homeowners who do not want to conduct routine maintenance on their roofs. Roof tiles are usually made using a combination of concrete, sand and clay. Many of these tiles are extremely lightweight yet remain extremely resistant to water and general decay. Another great advantage that tiled roofs have is that they do not provide fodder for insects.

Before you decide to install a tiled roof on your property, it is important to consult a professional roofing company, as well as a structural engineer. Despite some composite tiles being lightweight, you have to determine if your home’s current walls and structures are capable of handling the weight of such a roof.

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How Do I Care for My Tiled Floor?

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In order for your Queens based home to remain safe and clean, it is important that, as a homeowner, you make sure to spend some amount of time, every few days, towards general home upkeep. Homes with large numbers will naturally experience heavy traffic, especially in areas like the kitchen, dining room and living room. Failure to keep the flooring clean, can lead to increased dust and bacteria build-up, which may endanger the health of residents, and more so those that have allergies.

Caring for your tiles

Fortunately, for you, there are a number of simple measures you can institute to ensure that your tiled floors remain clean. While vacuuming your floor is certainly one of the most effective ways to remove dust, it might not be enough to clean up sticky stains on floors. A good way to tackle floor stains is to use chemical sealants or powders. However, before using these sealants, it is always advisable to test their effectiveness by applying them to a small area first.

Once you have vacuumed and used sealants or scouring powders, you should make sure to use a wet mop to wipe up your tiled floor. It is avoidable to use acidic, bleach-based, or colored chemicals for routine mop ups, as they have the capacity to damage your tile over time. Moreover, if you have found that one or more floor tiles have become damaged over time, you should call a professional company to replace them, rather than attempting to do so yourself.

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What Are Rectified Tiles?

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If you have recently purchased a property in Queens, or are looking to conduct renovations on your home, one of the ways to boost your home’s aesthetic vale is to integrate rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are typically made from ceramic or porcelain materials. These tiles are unique in that they are mechanically engineered to meet precise measurements. As such, any single rectified tile will have the same dimensions as another.

The uniformity and precision that is unique to rectified tiles, has made them extremely popular among contractors and homeowners within Queens. One of the most common problems that renovators face when conducting tiling projects is integrating tiles, keeping in mind, the amount they expand and contract. With tiles that have varying dimensions, it can be quite difficult to ascertain the shrinkage and expansion factor. With rectified tiles though, this is no longer a problem. However, keep in mind that rectified tiles are only in uniform in terms of their square dimensions, and not their thickness.

When to use rectified tiles?

If you are considering integrating rectified tiles onto your property, it is important to take two factors into consideration. The first of these relates to the grout joints on a tile. With rectified tiles, grout joints are extremely small, giving your floor a smooth and continuous surface. The second factor to consider is the size of tiles required. It is unlikely that you will find rectified tiles with dimensions lesser than 12” x 12”. More often than not, rectified tiles are used on larger surface areas, rather than small spaces.

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Great Mosaic Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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It is a well known fact that mosaic tiles when used to redecorate or renovate a bathroom can transform its previous drab look into a stunningly attractive space. Designers at Queens exercise caution when they apply the mosaic tiles which they believe will complement the bathroom concept or color. They factor in the aesthetics of homeowners before selecting a particular mosaic tile design. At Tiles Unlimited, you will get all the latest mosaic tile designs.

Design recommendations

Homeowners have a surfeit of tile patterns and designs which are ideal for the size and color of their bathrooms. A majority of the designers use a mix of a number of mosaic tile colors. The most notable among them are:

  • Mosaic Tile Bath 1:  A mix of white and black mosaic tile makes a stunning combination. A bathroom outfitted in this design can easily stand out.
  •  Rusu Ruslan I: White, brown and black are the perfect three to incorporate into a luxury and elegant bathroom.
  •  Green and gold: The green and gold mix looks amazing in smaller bathrooms
  •  Grey and Blue mosaic: This mix gives a  relaxing feel while attracting factory owners.


Better quality bathrooms have the mosaic style that are used on both floors and tiles. It is true that careful use of designs can make small spaces bigger. Everyone has their bathroom wall decor. There is no requirement to install glass partitions to cordon off a shower area. Mosaic tiles are created on different patterns and colors. Several mosaic patterns may also be utilized.

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Drawing on Italy and France for Cement Tile Inspiration

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There are a large number of eye catching cement tile designs that will enhance the beauty of any home in Queens. The tiles can be elegant and complex with large or small scale patterns. Many cement tile designs utilize silver and black to outline designs. A combination of these two leads to the softening of the crispiness of concrete tile arrangements. You will get them all at Tiles Unlimited

A design for every function

For individuals searching for a particular cement tile design suitable for large floor areas, but with reduced patterns, Napoli makes the ideal choice. The design would be perfect if it was used on the floors. It can also be placed in the bathroom to impart a formal and chic effect. Color combinations can be either black and white or white and midnight blue. The design harks back to its Neapolitan origins.

The Pontedera is another classic design. It is in a smaller scale, making the design ideal for compact spaces. Ideal area of use includes personal bathrooms. For designs that evoke Spain, Toledo is the best. It has a basic geometric design with an energetic and lively design. The Toledo looks classy in any environment.

Stunning French inspirational designs

Another bewitchingly beautiful cement tile design is Perpignan.It is inspired from the city located in Southern France, near  the Spanish border. The Perpignan cement tile has a formal and chic appearance which imparts a rare richness and depth. This tile looks best in contrasting shades.

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Ways to Create a Unique and Beautiful Tile Backsplash

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Having trouble with water constantly splashing onto the wall behind your kitchen or bathroom counter? The wall probably looks dirty, dull and uninviting. One of the easiest makeover ideas is to install a backsplash tile pattern so that the area comes alive and even becomes the focal point of the space. If you live in Queens, you don’t have to worry; there are plenty of experts at Tiles Unlimited who can do the job for you. Here’s one creative backsplash tile idea:

  • Create a unique and charming backsplash tile are by using small geometric patterns. You could choose from an array of patterns, tiny checks, rectangles or triangles. However, patterns don’t also have to mean straight lines; you could use tiny ovals, semi-circles or arcs too in the backsplash tile area.

Play with colors

  • You could use neutral shades to suit any countertop color or you could be bold and use bright colored designs for sober wood work.
  • If the cabinetry is bright, you could tone down the color and design of the backsplash tile pattern.
  • You could use natural tones such as green or brown backsplash tiles to give your home a warm, summery feel. The outdoorsy look suits a kitchen fine and makes you one happy cook!

That shimmering effect 

  • How about lending a distinctive feel to your kitchen tile backsplash area by using shiny tiles that lend a shimmering look to the area? This effect also goes well with the countertops and the steel/metallic items you use in the kitchen. The shine could either be a hint of gold or some glistening silver.

Now that you have enough ideas in your armory, you should get in touch with your Queens tiles installer to do the job for you and offer maintenance tips as well.

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New Tiles Breathe New Life into Bathroom

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Choosing your bathroom tiles carefully not only helps keep the area clean but also saves future costs if they are attractive and durable. If you wish to attach new tiles in the bathroom since your next door neighbor in Queens has installed latest glass tiles then go ahead but enquire about cost carefully before undertaking that venture. Improving bathroom tile work is an easy job and can be done within a day or two which can breathe new life into the bathroom if wall and floor tiles are in harmony.

Choosing right glass tile for enhancing look of bathroom

There are two kinds of glass tiles namely opaque and translucent which can be used on bathroom’s counter-top or wall which can be ordered online or from your local hardware store. It is best to first see each variety of glass tiles available in markets and take advice about durability of each type depending on usage before deciding on a particular variety that suits your budget. Hardware stores in Queens can help you choose right kind of glass tiles and can also send plumber to fix it in professional manner so the exercise can breathe new life into your bathroom.

Advantage of glass tiles in bathrooms

To give an aesthetic feel to the bathroom, glass tiles are the best as they are resilient against mold and mildew which are common problems and can easily wash off water stains. Best advantage of glass tiles is that if your bathroom gets plenty of natural light then you can be treated to spectacular display of light and color which is impossible with other materials.

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Backsplash Tile Enhances Cabinets and Granite Counter Tops

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Adding a backsplash to the kitchen of your Queens home can enhance the look of your interiors many times over. And if your backsplash tile complements your cabinets and granite counter tops, the whole kitchen can appear to be remodeled. There are several factors to consider if you are thinking of adding a backspash or remodeling an existing backsplash.

Complementary patterns

A backsplash tile design can make your kitchen appear more beautiful as long as the designs are not clashing with each other. If your kitchen cabinets are a shade of brown, then a combination of backsplash in crème-colored tiles can add to the dark of the granite. You can also opt for same shades for backsplash as your cabinets and counter tops. White cabinets and black granite counter tops can get a beauty boost with a backsplash made of patterned tiles in black and white or shades of gray.

Type of material

The look of the kitchen can vary depending on the type of tile used for backsplash. Marble and granite tiles are most popular choices for backsplash designs. But there are more options. Ceramic tiles will offer completely different look than glass tiles. Glass tiles reflect light and this can add another dimension to compliment your cabinets and counter top. Another great option is to use porcelain tiles for your backsplash. They not only add value to your kitchen design but like ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. For an uncommon look you can opt for metal tiles available in copper or aluminum.


The choice of tile patterns for your backsplash can add to your kitchen décor. Diagonal tiles or metal laser-cut tiles, or tiles with large patterns or a herringbone design, choose any that go with your cabinets and counter tops. It is quite amazing how use of backslash tiles can enhance the kitchen even if the cabinets and counter tops are plain.

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Is Ceramic Tiles a Good Flooring Choice for My Home?

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Durability comes in a wide range

Ceramic tile is a great choice for tile flooring your home in Queens. It will not only help keeping moisture at bay nut also keep your floor cool in summers and warm in winters. Ceramic tiles are durable and resist dents well. They also come in varied colors, textures and styles to add to the aesthetics of your home.

Choosing your ceramic tile

Selecting your ceramic tile flooring has to be done wisely and with a little bit of planning. Make sure you invest wisely by purchasing your tiles from a reputed brand and store. Avoid lighter colors in rooms which would be exposed to food spills and staining. Avoid slippery tiles if you have young kids or people who require mobility support as ceramic tiles are relatively slippery. Choose textured tiles for rooms that will tend to get wet so as to avoid slipping. Smaller tiles are less slippery due to the presence of more grout.

Maintenance and cleaning

Ceramic tile flooring will require timely maintenance to last longer. Try to sweep ceramic tiled floors at least on alternative days and mop them once in three to four days. A solution of white vinegar and baking soda and a gentle brush is safe for cleaning your ceramic tiles. Over time, your ceramic tiles may look dull and lackluster. Call for professional tile cleaning service to make your tiles look new and stain-free.

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Metal Mosaic Tiling: The New Modern

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Metal mosaic tiles are made from a wide range of metals and can be used for many Queens home improvement projects. Typically crafted from stainless steel, metal mosaic tiles can also be made in copper, bronze and gold. The tile is made with an overlay of brushed metal that is bonded to a base made from clay. However, you can also choose tiles made purely from metal.

Using a metal mosaic tile at home

Whether you are a professional designer or more of a DIY person, you can find the right metal mosaic tile in any size and style to suit your project. You can choose between set patterns on fiberglass meshes to individual tiles that can be laid in an alternating pattern. They are typically available in all sizes ranging between 2 centimeters to 12 centimeters. The range of size, color and pattern options on metallic tiles are wide and can include everything from rectangles, square and circular shapes. You can even get organically shaped metal tiles for your Queens home.


Apart from fixed printed metallic tiles, you can choose organic designs where no two tiles are truly identical, creating an interesting pattern in your home. A metal mosaic tile is so versatile that you can use it in combination with other mosaic, ceramic and porcelain tiles. With the right products for installation and adhesion, you can create interesting patterns in your home. Ensure that you purchase the right tools, cement and sealants to complete the job perfectly.

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